1 Competition run time
1.1 The Live for Speed LX Month consists of 3 separate competition weeks, held in July 2007.
1.2 Week 1 starts on 8 July, 14.00 UTC and ends on 15 July, 12.00 UTC
1.3 Week 2 starts on 15 July, 14.00 UTC and ends on 22 July, 12.00 UTC
1.4 Week 3 starts on 22 July, 14.00 UTC and ends on 29 July, 12.00 UTC

2 Participation
2.1 To take part in the LX Month competitions, you must at least have a Live for Speed S1 license. The competition hosts are therefore only visible and available to you if you have an S1 or S2 license. You must at least have LFS S2 version X installed.
2.2 You automatically participate by joining a competition host and setting a laptime. There is no need to register anywhere. When you have set a laptime, it will automatically show up in the rankings list on the main competition page.

3 When you have entered a competition host
3.1 You must wait for your invitation from the competition control system. Only then can you enter the race and set a laptime.
3.2 You can try to improve your laptime for as long as the competition runs. You can also save the layout and practise offline.
3.3 You are allowed to chat. If you find yourself distracted when racing, you can block messages by pressing "-" (dash)
3.4 You do not have an infinite amount of time to complete your lap. You must complete every section of the course within a 40% time margin of the record holder's split and laptimes. If you're not quick enough, you will be forced back to spectating by the race control system.

4 Conduct
4.1 The competition control system will decide when you can join the race to set a laptime. Do not attempt to join the race before you have been invited.
4.2 When you are doing a lap, stay on the path of the course. Going off the path will be detected by LFS and the control system and will lead to you being forced to specate again, not being able to finish your lap.
TIP : if you are having trouble learning the course, you can save the layout and practise offline.
4.3 If you are not or barely moving for longer than 5 seconds (start-countdown not counted), the race control system will force you back to spectating.
4.4 Continuous breaching of rules 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 may result in you being banned from the competition hosts for an indefinite period of time or even disqualification from the competition entirely. This will be decided by the competition organisation and cannot be refuted once a decision has been made.

5 Prizes
5.1 Which prizes can be won every week, will be visible on the main competition page.
5.2 Prizes cannot be refunded or converted into money. If you do not wish to receive a prize, you can deny it, but we will not make another prize available for you.
5.3 Prizes that must be shipped will require you to give us your address details.
5.4 Prizes will be awarded to the winners by Live for Speed and its sponsors at their earliest convenience, but at most within one month after a competition - shipped items need some time to get delivered.