1 Competition run time
1.1 The competition is open for entrance from 6 July 2007 up to 30 July 2007, 12.00 UTC
1.2 The voting period is from 30 July 2007 up to 6 August 2007, 12.00 UTC

2 Skin requirements
2.1 Skins may only contain logos that are authorised for use inside Live for Speed by their respective owners. If you use non-standard logos you must be able to provide written proof of authorisation for the use of the logo(s).
2.2 Skins may not contain painted on car parts, like extra vents and lights.
2.3 Skins may not contain rude or racist impressions, nudity or any other material that is generally considered offensive. Uploading skins with such content will result in disqualification from the competition and the skin(s) will be removed.
2.4 Skins should be created with an image dimension of 1024 by 1024 pixels or higher. Templates are available for download in the Tools section.
2.5 The final skin dimension must be 1024 by 1024 pixels. Any other skin file dimension will be rejected.
2.6 The final skin filesize may not exceed 400Kb (409600 bytes). Bigger files will be rejected.
2.7 The skin file must be saved and submitted in the JPEG format.
2.8 The filename of a skin must start with either "LX4_" or "LX6_" depending on the car that it's made for. The total filename of the skin may not exceed 19 characters (file extension not included).
2.9 In case of doubt, you must be able to prove the skin(s) you upload are actually made by you. Do not throw away your originals and project files!

3 Uploading / entering the competition
3.1 Anyone with a Live for Speed account (Demo, S1 or S2) can enter. You can register at www.lfs.net
3.2 By uploading your skin file(s) to this website, you will enter the Live for Speed LX skinning competition. All skins you upload will be available for download by the public.
3.3 All uploaded skins must be accompanied by an example picture of the skin used on the respective car (a screenshot), giving a good 3D impression of your skin. This image may not be post-processed (photoshopped), but you may create collages. This image may not be produced by a rendering program. The screenshot must be taken from inside Live for Speed itself, or with the CMX viewer.
3.4 If your skin is selected as a winner by the end of the competition, it will be included as official skin inside Live for Speed. The skins will also be uploaded to LFS World, as default LFS skins. If you already had uploaded your winning skin, it will be reassigned (ie. removed from your account, but not removed from LFS World).
3.5 Winning skins become property of Live for Speed.

4 Voting / selecting the winners
4.1 From 30 July to 6 August 2007 every S1 / S2 licensed LFS racer will be able to vote on their favorite skin(s). After logging in on this website, voting options will be visible on the submissions page
4.2 The public vote will select the 10 best LX4 skins and the 10 best LX6 skins. These will be visible on the main page of this website.
4.3 The Live for Speed developers will make the final selection of the 3 winning LX4 skins and the 3 winning LX6 skins.

5 Prizes
5.1 Winning skins will be included as official skins inside Live for Speed.
5.2 Winners can choose their prize for every winning skin. The options are : 1) a LFS voucher worth �12 GBP or 2) an allowance of €20 EURO for the LFS Merchandise shop.
5.3 LFS vouchers and LFS Merchandise allowance cannot be converted into money. If you do not wish to receive a prize, you can deny it, but we will not make another prize available for you.